Department of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology

About the Department:

         The Department of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology of  Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) University, Prayagraj was founded in 2016. From then onwards the Department has grown steadily focusing on Archaeology, Socio-economic History, Religion and Philosophy, Art and Architecture and ancient Indian Polity. The Department have currently 04 faculty members all of them actively involved in research and teaching. Members of the faculty are renowned as thinkers and contributors to the discipline of History and as specialists in their respective domains of research. This is evident in the large number of invitations received to give key note addresses in conferences, participate in international and national conferences and workshops. Department faculty members are on the editorial board of some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals in the discipline.The Department runs the most rigorous and prestigious Ph.D., M.A. and Integrated IPA/B.A. programmes in CBCS, Credit and Grading System as per NEP-2020. We have a M.A. programme with a very large selection of courses and a newly revised undergraduate programme of instruction. 

The Department have four thrust areas as:

1. Archaeology
        2. Socio-economic History
        3. Art and Architecture
        4. Religion and Philosophy

Aims & Objective:

  • To prepare qualitatively and professionally the best leaders in the field of Ancient History, Culture, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Art and Architecture.
  • To serve as a centre of excellence and innovation in Ancient History & Archaeology and to undertake, promote and disseminate research in the field.
  • To provide technical, professional and academic leadership to other institutions of History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • To improve the historical standard through the mass participation in Culture and Archaeology.
  • To develop and promote programme of Ancient History and Archaeology in the country.
  • To provide vocational guidance and placement services to the people in the field of Culture Heritage.
  • To research excellence in the frontier areas of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeological sciences.


    1. Graduation: Integrated/B.A. in CBCS, Semester, Credit and Grading System as per NEP-2020.

    2. Post-Graduation: M.A. in CBCS, Semester, Credit and Grading System as per NEP-2020. 


        1. Integrated/B.A. - Click here to download
        2. M.A (New Course)- Click here to download
        3. M.A (Old Course)- Click here to download 

Time-Table (Session: 2021-2022):

         1. Integrated/B.A. - Click here to download

Research Projects:

        The Department have four active Research Projects funded by Utter Pradesh Government under Research and Development scheme. The details are following:

MoU with External Institutions:

        The Department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Artifactual Archaeological Sciences Society (AASS), Prayagraj.

Click here to download MoU Document:
 "MoU Document"