Department of Political Science

        The department of political science came into existence with the inception of the University(PRSU) in the 2016.The department has two year P.G. program which has four semesters. It covers a broad range of specialization i.e. Political Theory, Political Ideologies, Comparative Politics, International Relations,International Law, Foreign Policy, Public Administration, Regional Politics,Social movements in India and Human Rights. The department is committed to give new directions to the teaching methods and research areas in the discipline.The department has two permanent and well qualified faculties. Both have doctoral degree from University of Allahabad and University of Lucknow respectively. They have good teaching and research skill and contributed a lotto the field of academics.


·        The department of political science endevours to generate new knowledge and produce best academician & future leaders for the betterment of society and nation.

·        To develop brilliant post-graduates, conduct in-depth research, be academically ambitious, and fulfill the value based education and national standard


—  The primary mission of the department of political science is to create awareness among students about political & social system- national and international and the ability to make the scientific inquiry into the political phenomenon and political questions.

—  To emphasize upon theorizing various political, economic and social problems and their linkages.

—  To acquaint the students to the solutions finding process regarding various political, social, ethical and cultural problems.

—  To make teaching in political science socially and politically inclined and relevant with the emphasizing India’s diversity of class, caste and religion.

—  To promote research in the emerging areas of political science and international relations.

—  To conceive the interdisciplinary interaction which the field is related with and come up with original solutions.