Department of Sociology

        The Department of Sociology, Prof.Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) University, is a young department, which is areflection of wide socio-economic changes happening outside. We will explainwhy these changes are happening and what is unchanging behind these changes. Wewill investigate what it means to be human in relation to the world, what isthe right way to live and how individuals use symbols for their interests. 

         Weare in the process of creating a well-stocked library for the social sciences.We co-ordinate an undergraduate course and a postgraduate course in Sociologyand accept students in the postgraduate course. We are keen to collaborate withother academicians and institutions on issues raised above and wish to publishquality work.   

          Dr.Anand Raja, Assistant Professor, is the head of the Department. He holds adoctoral degree in Social Sciences from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai, in the area of semiotics, in which he specializes. He has five academicpublications to his credit and a number of popular publications in India, Nepaland United Kingdom and has been translated in another language. He has alsospoken at an online convocation of the Philippines Sociological Society.

            Thedepartment is applying for funding for research in semiotics.